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AAOHA celebrating with Mark Gjonaj and community leaders


December 27, 2020

The Albanian American Open Hand Association would like to thank each one of our volunteers for great service you guys have been able to do in all those years and especially during Covid19 2020 because of your great service.

AAOHA have been able to feed thousands of people every week around the NYC and much more.

AAOHA has been blessed to work with many organizations and electoral officials, business leaders and many more important individuals who all have been grateful to support our food pantry.

Special thanks to the group of children coordinated by Bake Back America who provided special Cupcakes and cookies for our volunteers party.

God bless you all

Today our volunteers received a word from AAOHA and Councilmen Mark Gjonaj for how outstanding we are.

We are sure everyone deserved much more, we know that we can never thank you enough but God will.

God bless you and your family merry Christmas to all

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