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Albanian American Open Hand Association: AAOHA aims to provide effective support and respond to situations of natural disasters. It provides immediate help in situations where people have been victims.
The AAOHA is committed to become partner in efforts to address the plight of people who are victims of natural disasters.


AAOHA involvement in humanitarian efforts will entail the establishment of partnerships and working relationships with religious bodies and many other community organizations.


Our organization would like to thank everyone that helped collect, pack, and donate your time and effort. Without your help we could not achieve our goals.


Albanian American Open Hand Association: AAOHA, mobilizes humanitarian assistance for the victims of natural disasters and people in need.


“never to turn our back from all people in need”

Monitoring, assessment and evaluation.

In keeping with the principles of transparency and openness in responses to humanitarian emergencies, AAOHA, in cooperation with partner organizations, will continue to assess its humanitarian operations and ensure that such reviews are utilized for the purposes of policy-making, planning and programming.