Eid 2017 Celebration . Me Fat Bajramin 2017

The Albanian American Open Hand Association gives  food to the needy people in our community for Holly Ramadan . Today is the 3rd  day  we have done  food deliveries .  The AAOHA  would like to thank our sponsors . and  special thanks to Media  TV.Alb .  Because  of you, many families have food on there tables for the holidays .   God Bless  You and your Families.    This food drive is sponsored by. (1)Tony Musaj and his Family .   (2) Euro Fresh Produce .   (3) EMN Euro Market . (4) Balkan Home Produce .  (5) Nicks Market .  (6) Michael Orloff .  (7) Silvana Kocovic . (8) Pelham Parkway Vision Center INC .  (9) Pelham Parkway Neighborhood Association.  (10) Xhelil Ademi.  (11) YU & M Jewelry.   (12) Gjelosh Sokaj (13) Albanian American  Open Hand Association.19451755_1705809309433833_1147810295_o 19451781_1705809269433837_1445467496_o 19457656_1705808976100533_1118269855_o 19490426_1705809059433858_1155188767_o 20170626_232032 flyer me fat bajramin IMG_3050 (1) IMG_3050 IMG_305420170624_231049

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