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Home delivery to seniors


March 23, 2020

The Albanian American Open Hand Associations and ICNA Relief packing and gave food to people in our community to those seniors who requested delivery to their home we did delivery and to other needy people we gave to 7 different locations around the Pelham Parkway Neighborhood.

We have been able to given over 250 bags and 1000 loafs of bread.

We thank our volunteers who comes out today to help and big thanks our Assemblywoman Nathalia Fernandez for support.

We are going to continue the food giveaway but please make it easy for us to do this beautiful things contact us first and we will be with you.

Our office number is 3476588000 or Email aaoha.org@gmail.com

Thank you and wish to all safe and health Best regard Gul Shabbir ICNA Relief Aleksander Nilaj AAOHA

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