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Sunday Saintsday


by Rex MYFTARI, 

Bronx New York, 

August 26, 2018

Every Sunday as of 26 of August 2018 what started as a celebration of St.Mother Tereza’s work, AAOHA will continue to give out hundreds of loafs of bread to the homeless and the most needy in Pelham Parkway neighborhood’s.

Alex Nilaj AAOHA representative, in close cooperation with his trustful friends and partners is calling upon all people of Goodwill to help them turn this into a tradition every sunday for the rest of the days.

Mr.Nilaj from the Albanian American Open Hand Association – AAOHA says this all started as a project a couple of years ago, around holidays, when they collected donations from friends and family to help the most needy in their neighborhood and it continued with the biggest event so far this 26th of August, celebrating the Birthday of our Mother St.Tereza where we distributed over 3000 loaf’s of bread to homeless and those in need continued Mr.Nilaj.

You and I can become friends with AAOHA and make this idea a reality

Now the challenge is how to turn this into a sunday celebration, turning sunday into a Saints day, when those who are better of give back to the society and help the less fortunate of us.

This idea may seem to some people like an imposibble dream but for Alex and his friends, for true believers, nothing can stop them from surprising the Bronx with their determination to do good, to give back to the society and extending the helping hand to the most vulnerable in our midst.

You and I can become friends with AAOHA and make this idea a reality.

AAOHA info contact

+1 718 913 2151


2141 Holland Avenue on main floor

Bronx, NY 10462

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