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The last iftar before Bayram Hosted by Two Brother Christians


May 1, 2022

A special iftar was held in Koplik/Albania marking the end of Ramadan and wishing the best of luck to bothers of muslim faith by two Christians who sponsored the dinner but also hosted it for their brothers and sisters Albanians.

This iftar is Special not only because it was hosted by two mountaineers of the Catholic faith but also because this is the tradition amongst Albanians to celebrate each others most important religious events.

The two brother Christians who brought people of both faiths to have iftar together are The president of the Association of Politically Persecuted in Albania Mr.Luigj Gegaj and Mr. Aleksandar Nilaj who resides in the USA, they made the braking bread for iftar and the dinner possible.

It is with admiration that Albanians celebrate inter-religious harmony, the harmony that exists between the different confessions that exist between the people of Albanian ethnicity. This harmony is deeply rooted in all Albanian speaking territories throughout the Balkans and having iftar hosted by two christians is the best evidenced today.

TV Kopliku did a story in Albanian covering this event, please click here to see the video: https://www.facebook.com/100078415121181/videos/364662729012975

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