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Urgent HELP needed


July 15, 2020

Call for help, All of you Brothers and Sisters wherever you you are, please HELP as these families are OUTSIDE in the open air because the fire destroyed everything material they ever had. 

Thank God no injured people in the family. 

No matter how modest the contribution FROM YOU, it is of a great importance to these families. 

Together we have the opportunity to do something for these families for these brothers and sisters. 

For all of you who have the opportunity to contribute to our link, AAOHA is also with the tax number 501c3. We are cooperating with Kopliku Television, which is present at the scene together with our Coordinator. 
Everything will be transparent 
Thank you God bless you 
The photos and videos below are as many as 100000000 words

Video https://www.facebook.com/1379686862/videos/pcb.10217031247878268/10217034919370053

Kerkohet ndihme Orgjente Thirrje per ndihme tegjithe juve Vllezer dhe Motra kudo qe ndolleni keto familje gjinden ne qiell te hapur ku zjarri shkatrroi cdo gje materiale. Faleminderit Zotit asje njeri i lenduar.
Sado modest te jete kontributi per keto familje eshte shum i madh Tegjithe sebashkut kemi mundesine qe te bejme dicka per keto familje per keta vllezer e motra. 
Per te gjithe juve qe keni mundesi sadopak mundeni te kontriboni ne linkun tone duke AAOHA eshte edhe me numrin taksor 501c3 

Ne po bashkepunojme me Televizionin Kopliku i cili ka qene ipranishem ne vendngjarje sebashkut me Kordinatorin tone. Cdo gje do jete trasparente 
Ju falenderojme 
Zoti ju bekofte 
Fotot dhe video e meposhtme jane sa 100000000 fjale

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